A: The building company can obtain Fard (letter from concerned authority confirming the land title) from the Land Revenue Management Information System (LRMIS). The letter confirms the title or land use, the dimensions of the plot, and the possible existence of any road widening, cut line, or reservation. It takes about 2 days and the cost is PKR 150.

A: As per the Punjab Environmental Protection Act, 1997 (Amended in 2012) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations of 2000, the building authority in Lahore requires a No Objection Certificate from the Environmental Protection Agency to issue the building permit.

The company must then prepare and submit an Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) to the Environmental Protection Agency in order to obtain this certificate which costs PKR 10,000 per schedule II of the regulation. The NOC takes 105 days to come through.

A: According to the Building and Zoning By-Laws of 2007, in order to obtain approval to execute the works, the building company must apply in writing to the LDA and submit the following documents:

  1. Application form signed by the registered architect, the attorney-in-practice, and a registered structural engineer;
  2. Five sets of building plans (site plan, architectural drawings with elevations and sections, structural drawings, and stability certificate), each signed by the relevant professional (either the architect or the structural engineer);
  3. Proof of ownership (copy of the sale deed, copy of the allotment letter, or fard);
  4. Copy of the company’s memorandum of incorporation;
  5. Power of attorney to act on behalf of the company and a copy of the national identification card of the attorney-in-practice.

If the building company does not receive a response to its application within 45 days of submission, it can send a written communication by registered post to the relevant authority. If such communication is not answered within 15 days, the building company can assume that the building plan approval has been granted and can start construction (as per Art. 27.6, Section 192, Fourth Schedule, Chapter 14 of the Punjab Local Government Ordinance, 2001). The whole process takes about 60 days to complete, with an associated cost of PKR 70,000.

A: On completion of the foundations, the building company is required to notify the LDA so that they can conduct an inspection. This takes about 1 day with no associated charges.

A: As per Art. 8(ii) of the 2001 Law, a certificate of durability in accordance with building plan must be obtained from architect and engineers concerned after the completion of each floor. This takes about 1 day without any charges. The building company will receive first and second floor slab casting inspection from LDA after submission of durability certificates related to them.

A: The building company must obtain a copy of the property tax valuation and a copy of the certificate from the tax authorities confirming that the company does not owe them any money. The Excise and Taxation Department of the Government of the Punjab provides the property tax valuation after the building is completed. The department inspects the building and issues a certificate to the owner of the building. The certificate provides an assessment of the value of the building. If the building company has any objections to this assessment, it is required to make them known within 14 days. Otherwise, the department issues a PT-1 Form, a certificate that provides the assessed value of the property and the resultant property tax to be charged. The following documents are needed:

  • An application providing information relating to the building
  • Title documents/ documents evidencing title of the property
  • Approved building plan
  • National identity card of the applicant

The process takes about 30 days, with no associated charges. The E&TD department inspects the building and issues a certificate to the owner of the building. The certificate provides an assessment of the value of the building. This takes about 1 day with no associated charges.

A: The following documents should be provided with a filled connection form to Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA):

  • – Attested photocopy of CNIC
  • – Attested photocopy of sale deed/proof of ownership
  • – Copy of the assessment of property unit
  • – Site plan to indicate location of property

This takes 60 days and the cost is PKR 90,000.

A: After the building is completed, a “notice of completion and permission for occupation” form is to be submitted along with the architect’s certificate. After receipt of this notice, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) inspects the building to verify that it has been built according to the approved plans.

This takes one day. The cost incurred in PKR 70,000.

After the final inspection has taken place, and provided that the works have been carried out according to the approved building plan, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) issues a certificate of completion.

This takes 60 days with no charges.