Martin Palmer, Barrister and World Bank Consultant delivered a DB expert contributors’ session for contract enforcement in Lahore today.

Planning & Development Department, Punjab in collaboration with the World Bank Pakistan Doing Business Team hosted a meeting of civil court practitioners on Friday to share their experiences of reforms in the District & Session Courts of the Punjab. The contributor session was held to apprise the participants about the contract enforcement indicator under doing business and reform actions being undertaken in Punjab under the leadership of Honorable Chief Justice Lahore High Court. P& D Department and the World Bank have been active supporter of assisting the reforms introduced by the Lahore High Court to benefit individuals and companies seeking to resolve commercial disputes in a timely and cost-effective way. The reforms in Punjab have been heralded as leading the way for improving civil justice in Pakistan. The emphasis on active case management, the use of automated Court systems to speed up the hearing of claims and the option of mediation to avoid costly hearings are intended to give business and private individuals improved ways of resolving commercial disputes. Active ‘buy-in’ of legal practitioners and other professionals as being key to making the reforms work in practice will be required to take the ease of doing business reform agenda forward in a collaborative manner.